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The last bit!

Finally managed to get Emerlyn to put her head down at the airport, so she & Phil snoozed while Joelin & I kept guard. We went upstairs to get some lunch, then sat outside the gate lounge for about half an hour or so. Em snoozed again, and I was by then starting to feel queasy. Both of us were unwell on the flight home. Joelin was asleep before we took off, I kinda dozed for about an hour before having to deal with Em being sick again. Poor kiddo. She finally went to sleep, and both kids slept until almost landing time. Then it was queues and immigration and customs. Finally we were out and were met by the wonderful Louise. Got home around 9pm.

We’ve all slept well, I think Phil was up first about 10 this morning. But I think the next trip may be down south!

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Our journey home begins

and goes on and on...


Getting to CDG was pretty OK, Phil had scouted out the route, so we weren’t too worried – ok, I wasn’t too worried. We checked out by 7.30 and caught the metro to Defert-Rochereau, then transferred to the RER B to CDG. The metro wasn’t too busy, but my god! The RER was packed! We were squeezed in like sardines until Gare du Nord, then we were all able to sit down. We transferred to the shuttle at CDG and finally got into Terminal 1 to be able to start check-in. Well that was a drama and a half in itself. Firstly, they had Joelin booked to come home on a different flight on a different day all by himself. My paperwork was right, but their booking system was out. Then we realised that our flight departure time from KL was different, so we went back to check. We were just a little over in the luggage allowance, but I think the girlie just wanted to be rid of us, so she let us go through OK. They boarded the families first so we got sat down fairly early and started our journey home. It was a nice flight, not too bumpy until we were about 2 hours from KL. Neither of the kids slept much, so we haven’t either. We are now stuck at KL until 2pm, hopefully getting in about 7.30 tonight. Boy it will feel good to be home.

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Last few photos...


It's cold at the top, check out Em's new beanie!


Eiffel Tower - a different perspective


Snow under the Arc de Triomphe

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Our last day in Paris..

going home tomorrow


Well, we got up reasonably late but were out the door at a reasonable time. We took the Metro to Charles de Gaulle-Etoile and came out opposite the Arc de Triomphe. And it started to snow. We went back into the subway to go across to the middle and by the time we got there the snow had increased a little. I have a photo of it snowing under the arch. There’s not been enough to settle though. We thought better of climbing the Arc (9 Euros! And 284 steps), so we crossed under again and started our stroll down the Champs Elysees. I called mum and dad while we were there as I had tried to call them from the top of the Eiffel Tower, but their phone was connected wrong – good one dad! – and it was late so they probably had their hearing aids out and didn’t hear the phone. We spotted the Disney store so went inside and made our last purchases. Joelin now has a Parisian Mickey to go with the traditional one I brought back from LA. Emerlyn opted for a t-shirt. Our suitcases are now officially stuffed! We continued the walk down to Place de la Concorde; this is where the guillotine used to be and where Louis 16th (I think) and Marie Antoinette were beheaded. Now there is an obelisk covered in Egyptian hieroglyphs, I think it is there partly as a monument to Champollion. We continued into Tulieres, a lovely garden. It was starting to snow again, and we were dragging the kids again. We made it to the Louvre and saw the glass pyramid. We were going to go in, but the queues were just too long, so we headed back to the Metro. We had to buy our tickets from the machine (gee, I’m getting so brave!), and then we came back to the hotel via the supermarket to have sandwiches for lunch.
We have spent the afternoon in, Joelin has had a nap, and we have watched a movie. We will need an early night as tomorrow we have an early start to get to CDG for our flight. This will be our last entry before we go, so thanks for travelling with us, and see you when we get home.

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Paris by photo...


Eiffel Tower by night, sorry it's a bit fuzzy


With Goofy at Disneyland


Rotten Prince John


Joelin gets up close with Mickey, check out the hands!


Last flight on the Orbitron

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